Feb 9, 2017

Amateur Radio Station K9KMS

When my father was young, he was an electronics geek always experimenting with short wave radio setups and antenna configurations from his home at 46 Hillside, New Hartford, New York. With a simple folded dipole antenna strung between his window and an old Hickory tree, he enjoyed many QSO's from all around the world!

Dad's interest in electronics and amateur radio continued while he was a U.S. Navy sub-mariner and Electronics Technician (ET) aboard the USS Chopper from 1951 to 1955. Continuing into his adult life, dad logged almost 10,000 QSO's and has confirmed 286 countries, most of which were made with less than 80 watts from a vertical antenna.

After my parents divorce in 1972, we became distant in many ways. I was a police detective, married with four children in Wisconsin. Dad was an engineer living in Nashua, New Hampshire. As the years passed, we had less and less in common, and were visiting each other just every few years.

In 2007, I studied amateur radio as a means to rebuild my relationship with dad through a common interest. On January 17, 2009 I earned my Technician license as KC9OYS, and on March 14, 2009 I earned my General license and changed to my current call sign, K9KMS.

Amateur radio not only helped improve my relationship with my dad, it has also led to a few personal accomplishments in my own life. For this, and for my dad, William C. Severn K2JGL, now a silent key, I am very grateful.