Mar 31, 2017

Reflecting & Digital Radiation

After much thought and consideration after my dad's passing, I have decided to continue with amateur radio, not only for my own interest, or the memories of time spent with my dad, but for the possibilities of building new bonds with our four adult children with this great hobby.

Other than the 2M/440 bands, I have done very little with HF for several years, and still have not taken the time to get my HF rig set up. The 55 foot tower is up with a Diamond X-300A dual band vertical antenna on top of a 10' mast, but have not yet strung up dad's trusty old Barker & Williamson folded dipole HF antenna. Soon, I hope.

A growing interest in the digital side of amateur radio has added a Yaesu FTM-100DR mobile and the FT-2DR portable to my wish list so I can experience the world of digital radiation.