Mar 7, 2018


At times the road of life can get a little bumpy. Sometimes it looks like it won't last long. Other times it seems like all that lies ahead are bumps, more bumps, potholes, and well, you get it. How we respond to life - like it or not - will show the depth of our character. 

Seems to me we have three choices. Man-up and move ahead; dig-in and hold for the best opportunity to move ahead; make a calculated, tactical retreat to re-group, reassess, and implement a new strategy to move forward. 

This past weekend I decided to dig-in. A short stop to relieve the pressures of life and take a mental break to reassess my situation and prepare to keep moving forward. As I get settled into my desk chair with a nice cup of coffee, my calendar pops up with "ARRL DX Contest". Perfect.

Not-so-long story shorter, I added a - slow and relaxed - eleven countries to my QSO log. And for the first time, I had a QSO with Hawaii. I also got my log all up to date with my contact info. All said and done, it was a pretty good recovery weekend. OK life, let's see what you got for me this week. I'm ready...

God is good, always. Blessings!