Sep 29, 2019


To connect and control WIRES-X with your FT-70D, you first need to find the room or node numbers you would like to connect to. You can find active Rooms here and active Nodes here. All columns can be sorted. e.g. Sort by State to see rooms or nodes in your area.

If you are using a hotspot MMDVM, the WIRES-X mode on your radio and the five digit YSF room number should not be used, as this can really mess things up for the rest of the world. Please read the the information provided by Chris, K9EQ about this at

To connect to a WIRES-X repeater or node, select the frequency of the repeater or node, then press MODE until the DN mode is selected. Connect to WIRES-X by pressing   F   then AMS.

To connect to a room, rotate the DIAL until you get to the entry screen EN # _ _ _ _ _. Enter the room number and press AMS.

After connecting to a room, store the room in one of five memory slots by pressing and holding the corresponding number of  1  2  3  4 , or  5 , and a confirmation beep will sound.

To change between rooms you stored in memory, DIAL to the desired room and press AMS.

To disconnect from a room, press and hold BAND.
To disconnect from WIRES-X and return to normal radio operations, press and hold MODE.

If you run into trouble, just disconnect and reconnect to WIRES-X.

And there you have it!

Download a pdf of these instructions here.


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